10 Reasons We All Love Alex Turner

If you’re wondering why we all love that cheeky scamp Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys then take a seat and make yourself comfortable. Oh sorry, did we mention that we’ve moved your chair? Oops.

We’re about to explain exactly why this Yorkshire chap makes us smile, without ever really smiling himself. Actually he never really smiles. Like literally never. Nevertheless, here’s some our reasons why we all love Alex Turner, inspired by our video: Alex Turner’s Best Moments of 2014 which recently broke 100k views.

10. His Dad Dancing.

alex-turner-dad-dancingIf you’ve ever seen Arctic Monkeys live, then you may wonder why Alex Turner skipped the socially acceptable period of dancing and went straight to Dad dancing. My advice is, don’t question it. I’m not sure we’ll ever know.

9. He’s a snappy dresser.

alex-turner-suitGone are the days of a loosely fitting polo shirt, or even the brief period in history where he regretfully wore a vest. These days, you’re more likely to see him sporting a Ray Brown suit that will make your ovaries ache. Or if you have none, you may just question your sexuality instead.

8. His bromance with Miles Kane.

miles-kane-alex-turnerHere’s another part of Alex Turner which we perhaps shouldn’t question in fear of what we may find. Nevertheless, this bromance has been going strong ever since Miles Kane featured on tracks such as ‘505’ and ‘The Bakery’. They went on to form the The Last Shadow Puppets and their relationship is still going strong today, even when women have come and gone. Moral of the story: bros before hoes.

7. He’s available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

howls-alex-turner-weddingIn 2014, photos emerged of Arctic Monkeys at Tom Rowley’s wedding. However, a multi-award winning band couldn’t just attend the wedding could they? Book now to avoid disappointment.

6. He’s strangely accurate at saying people’s names backwards.

When Alex Turner and Matt Helders appeared on Australian Radio Station ‘Triple J’ to perform a cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’, we discovered his amazing new talent. You’ll just have to suck it and see for yourself, won’t you? Watch above.

5. He makes a mean margarita.

And we mean literally mean. If you’ve seen the legendary ‘View From’ videos (which documented many hilarious moments during their early ‘Humbug’ era) you’ll know that Alex Turner is always making a marg. Always. But don’t expect to be invited to the party, as the poor camera guy regularly discovers.

4. His sense of humour.

alex-turner-cornerstoneWith tongue firmly in cheek, most of Alex Turner’s humour often goes undetected or baffles those not in on the joke. His lyrics are full of subtle quips, his music is occasionally full of somewhat ironic influences and well… who could forget the Cornerstone video?

3. His ever changing image.


With every new Arctic Monkeys album, we’re almost guaranteed a new reinvention of Alex Turner along with it. From the journalist-snubbing kid from Sheffield right up to the self-assured rockstar from LA, rest assured that Alex Turner always has the hairstyle to match.

2. He dropped it like it’s hot.

alex-turner-drops-micalex-turner-drops-micWho could forget that fateful moment at the 2014 Brit Awards? After an endearing speech that left many onlookers questioning Alex Turner’s sanity/sobriety, he eventually concluded with the now legendary phrase “invoice me for the microphone if you need to”. The rest is history.

1. His music.

alex-turnerGranted, we all love Alex Turner for many reasons, but it all started from a love for his music. Whether it’s the modest chords of ‘Suck it and See’, the meaty riffs of ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ or the tongue twisting lyrics of ‘Pretty Visitors’, I think we’re all in agreeance: Alex Turner is just a damn good musician. God Speed, Mr Turner.

Agree or disagree?