15 Of The Funniest Reactons To Taylor Swift On NME Magazine’s Front Cover

Taylor-Swift-NME-Magazine-October-2015-Cover-Photoshoot01At Manchester Piccadilly Station last Friday, I picked up a copy of the ‘new’ free NME with Taylor Swift on the cover. Wait, or was it actually a copy of Smash Hits?

After a quadruple take (and eighteen overexaggerated coffee spits) I can confirm that it actually was a copy of NME. Though NME may have forsaken us as one of the only printed alternative music publications left in the UK, before I could even open my mouth, I felt all warm inside to see that their readership had said everything I wanted to say and more. And with much more swearing. Here’s 15 of the best responses we found:

1. The thinking man’s response:


2. NME. Now available where the sun don’t shine:

3. The ‘good luck with that’ response:


4. The scorned fan’s response:


5. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

6. I guess it’s ‘Hard To Explain’…


7. I hope so.


8. Happy 75th Birthday John Lennon.


9. Christ on a bike.

10. Don’t drink and journalism.


11. Those 11 year old girls sure are ambitious these days.


12. The poetic speech.


13. Let’s look on the bright side…


14. Nobody’s debating that Eddie would bang her.


15. Bunch of bus wankers.

All we can say is: oh dear. NME covers have always stood as a snapshot of alternative music from decade to decade, but perhaps this just suggests that alternative music really is dead these days. Whilst this coming week (16/10/2015) is set to have Foals on the cover, I’ve no doubt they’ll be back to ‘teen icons’ after they realise that Yannis’ beard acts as kryptonite to One Direction fans.

What’s your opinion on the likes of Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Robert Pattinson (we’re not sure why either) weaseling their way onto the front cover of NME? Leave us a comment below. RIP NME.

Agree or disagree?