PREVIEW: Jack White raps on b-side ‘Blues on Two Trees’?

We all knew it would happen eventually. Jack White has demonstrated his worth across a range of genres; everything from Blues to Country to good old rock ‘n’ roll has well and truly been mastered… so what’s left? Clearly it’s about time Jack White got into the hip-hop game. We toyed with potential rap names such as the ‘Jay-W’  (and my personal favourite ‘Dr. J’) but eventually decided against the idea.

Joking aside, ‘Blues on Two Trees’ will be the b-side to Jack White’s upcoming single ‘I’m Shakin’ which is taken from his debut solo album ‘Blunderbuss’. So what do you think? Listen below!

In our opinion, the amount of attention ‘Blues on Two Trees’ is receiving rather surprises us, as it’s not technically the very first time Jack White has ever hinted at the idea of rapping. It’s as if nobody was listening throughout the verses of ‘Freedom At 21’? Must have just been me then…

Agree or disagree?