The Great Escape Festival, Brighton – 8th-10th of May 2014

Mass produced pop nonsense getting you down? iTunes library in thorough need of a refresh? Looks like it’s time to introduce The Great Escape Festival.

Great-Escape-announceThe Great Escape Festival is not your average music festival, so don’t expect mud, burger vans and portaloos. It’s an event which is dispersed across the fine seaside town of Brighton within the confines of a multitude of eclectic venues. One morning you’ll find yourself hungover in a church, captivated by gypsy-folk; the very next day you’ll find yourself in the confines of a sweat-laden nightclub by the sea, lost in psychedelic-pop. The only thing capable of upstaging the vast variety of venues is the sheer diversity of acts that feature.

With over 400 artists at The Great Escape Festival, there’s something to suit all tastes, with the headline acts as an optional bonus. We’ve already discovered acts such as Shy Nature, Yumi And The Weather, Drowners and God Damn ahead of time. Trawling through the line-up and unearthing hidden gems is its own reward, with hours of musical excavation passing in what only seems like minutes. But the realisation that you’ll shortly have the opportunity to see any of them in the flesh? That my friends, is on another level.

The intense variety of line-up is always favourably chaotic, thus making the possibility of discovering something truly special not only plausible, but extremely gratifying. Whether you’re into electronica, punk-rock, hip-hop or metal, The Great Escape has got you covered. Every year the line-up is a comprehensive untapped resource of the UK and the rest of the world’s finest upcoming acts, just ready and waiting to be discovered – this year is no different. The Great Escape Festival is the UK’s equivalent of SXSW in terms of breaking new bands.

So what are you waiting for? Considering the vast amount of acts that perform at The Great Escape every year and then go onto play Reading and Leeds Festival in the summer, you’re essentially gifted two options. Wait until the summer to watch these acts from 100 yards away in a field, on a big screen TV, whilst living like Bear Grylls. Or you can get up close and personal months beforehand, whilst maintaining a respectable level of personal hygiene. With a three day ticket at £59.25, I think you already know which pill to take.

Agree or disagree?