INTERVIEW: HOWLS – 20/10/2014

The split of Sheffield’s very own Dead Sons left a rather large face-melting crater in the Yorkshire area earlier this year.

Whilst filling such a crater may be nigh impossible, who could be better for the job other than the former members of Dead Sons themselves? Wait… is that cheating?

Hey, HOWLS. Please introduce yourself and the rest of your band to our readers if you would be so kind.

On Guitars and Vocals is Luke Baker, Bass Mr. Ryan Sellars and on the drums Sir Joseph Green. We are Howls.

What were the fatal blows that lead to Dead Sons’ demise back in March?

Dead Sons was a very special thing to us and from what we were told, a very special thing to others also. Tom Rowley was offered an opportunity that was too good to pass on and we backed him 100% in doing so. We battled with many ideas and ways around the inevitable but eventually agreed that if we weren’t all in Dead Sons like we had been for the many years before, it was for the best that we laid it to rest. Dead Sons has always been about the five of us and without that it wouldn’t work. The three of us still wanted to write and produce records to put out, which is where Howls began.

What aspects of Dead Sons will live on with HOWLS and what will be totally different?

I suppose our influences will always come through in the way that we write. We’re a little bit older these days and I guess there is a sense of maturity in the music we’re making now, lyrically, structurally and the attitude towards the recording process. Were not so gung-ho. Not everything has to be as heavy and fast as we can possibly make it. We’ve learned to reign ourselves in and explode at the right times.

How has becoming a three-piece affected the band’s dynamics?

Things are always going to change when you take instruments away. We’re learning to experiment with instruments and use them dynamically to get the best out of the songs. We are very open, more now than ever, to using whatever we can to make the song sound as best as it can regardless of how many of us are in the band. If it needs an organ and three guitar parts then so be it; if it just needs one acoustic, well then that’s fine too. We wouldn’t ever want the finished product to be lacking just because we limited ourselves to guitar, bass and drums. Working with some great producers like Ross Orton has had a really good impact on us, we take the approach that he becomes the fourth member in the studio. It’s a new set of ears that may hear a song completely differently to the way we do, especially as we have been submersed in it for months and months.

How far into the new record are you?

We’re about six tracks in now. We’ll be aiming for around nine/ten tracks so the remaining three/four are still unwritten. We have taken a very relaxed approach to the album, going into the studio as the songs come. Forcing nothing and having no deadlines has been really refreshing. We’ve done some of the best sounding things we’ve ever done in the recent months and it would be easy to rush and get an album out ASAP because we want everyone to hear it so much. But its best to hold back sometimes and let things breathe and grow.


Alex Turner performs with members of HOWLS at Tom Rowley’s wedding.

When can we expect the first taste of the new record?

Something tells me we may have a release before 2014 is out.

What’s the rough plan for HOWLS in 2015?

Once the album is finished I would imagine there’s only one thing left to do and that would be to hit the road. Logistically we’ll need a few extra hands for added parts so most likely we’ll be drafting in some friends for live appearances, rehearsing then maybe a little tour.

Lastly, how do we go about booking the HOWLS feat. Alex Turner wedding band?

It’s a secret.

Thanks guys! You can find HOWLS on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Agree or disagree?