INTERVIEW: Kagoule – 18/04/2015 – Nottingham

Nottingham trio Kagoule have quickly rose to prominence on their hometown’s live music scene, bringing down venues with their melodic, grunge inspired post-punk.

kagoule-interview-nottingham-record-store-day-urthConsisting of Cai Burns, Lucy Hatter and Lawrence English, Kagoule draw influences from the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Unwound, and other acts from the 90’s alternative scene, whilst yet still evolving in their own genre. A well received Glastonbury set and widespread critical acclaim from the likes of Artrocker and Drowned in Sound cement their position into the ‘bands to watch’ category. A debut album on its way and various limited releases, Kagoule are soon to be one of the hottest tickets in town.

It’s Record Store Day 2015, it’s sunny as eck’ in Nottingham and we sit outside a nearby bar with bassist Lucy E Hatter to talk about their debut album, what it’s like being from Nottingham and what they think of Record Store Day.

So, how did you form?

Initially we met through school and a handful of mutual friends, then I actually started cooking for them both. They had been working with another player before me but then one thing led to another, I wasn’t peeling potatoes anymore, I was playing bass. It’s almost one of those rags to riches type stories.

What influenced the Kagoule sound?

We get compared to Smashing Pumpkins and all that 90’s alternative scene a lot, but also any band with a female in it. I don’t feel its necessary in this day and age to say that. I don’t think women quite get the attention they deserve in the male dominated band scene – Yes I’m a female in a band but I’m also a good musician, so who cares? Fuck patriarchy.

I have to ask you about the name… where did it come from? 

So many people wonder what the name’s about. You see I don’t actually own a Cagoule, a cag in a bag maybe, but I believe our drummer Lawrence owns about five! But if you really wanna know, it’s from P.E lessons, where boys would play football and wear Cagoules. So back then the band was originally called The Rowdy Rowhall and the Cream Cagoules, but when I joined it was shortened to Kagoule by then. I actually kinda liked the original name, but whatever.

What do you think of the Nottingham Music Scene, seeing the likes of Jake Bugg and Seaford Mods gaining critical and commercial success?

For us its been Nottingham bands that have helped us get as far as we have, calling in favours for support slots or putting us on the bill, they’ve definitely given us a platform. On a whole I think the Nottingham music scene has come a long way in the past five years. Jake Bugg getting a number 1 album really put the city back on the map for new music.

Your debut Record ‘Urth’ – when is it released and where was it recorded?

Our debut album is released 21st August on Nottingham label Earache Records. It’s great to have a local label put the record out. If we have a problem or need anything we can speak to them in person. It’s nice.

‘Urth’ was recorded in Wales over the course of two weeks with the mixing getting to near on three months, which I know is a long time but It needed to be something that we were all comfortable to put out, especially Cai.

kagoule-earth-album-cover-artworkThe artwork is very striking, tell me about that?

All of our artwork is done by our talented man, Lawrence. He’s been scribbling for a while here and there until we actually started needing artwork for the band. It works really well, especially with our sound. Even if its a load of bodies piled up on-top of each other, it somehow feels like us: brutal.

What’s it like being a 3-piece?

I love it! We’re like a little family. Yes, we have our squabbles and we do get sick of each other now and again, but if you strip it down, we’re a pretty happy band that gets on. It feels very concentrated, we can agree on things better and each stick to what we do. Before anyone says, no it’s not a money thing, cause’ you don’t get great money in England anyway, so we’re all in it for the same reason. Our relationships and our music… plus, the space in the van is so much better!

You are Releasing a 7-inch single on vinyl today – What do you make of Record Store Day?

Yep, The ‘Bastard/Monarchy’ single is out today, so pick it up from all good retailers now! But what do I think of Record Store Day? it’s great! I’ve always loved the idea of vinyl making a comeback because most of the time that’s how you get into music. Sieving through your parents old records and wondering who the hell Kraftwerk are. Plus it’s another way of inspiring people to do something with their lives.

There is a small minority of, how do you put it? Vinyl Snobbery? going around. So what if Urban Outfitters sell the Arctic Monkeys back catalogue and it’s where the ‘hipsters’ hang out – at least they’re getting into a form of art. Plus you never know, that person may be the next Alex Turner, so you can’t judge people by where they pick their records up from, just as long as they’re picking them up!

Debut Album ‘Urth’ is out August 21st. Watch the new video for ‘Gush’ below.

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