INTERVIEW: Little Comets – 23/01/2015 – ‘Hope Is Just A State Of Mind’

With the release of Little Comets‘ third album ‘Hope Is Just A State Of Mind‘ approaching fast, we spend many days debating whether or not it’d be a good idea holding our breath until its release on the 16th of February.

After consulting a certified Doctor (well, he owned a stethoscope), we concluded that our time would probably be better spent probing Newcastle’s Little Comets for the scoop on their forthcoming album instead. The results were as equally breathtaking.

little-comets-press-shot-hope-is-a-state-of-mindHi! So, I understand that the tour’s about the commence – but what would you say you were most looking forward to about it?

Ah, we haven’t played lots of places for a while like Manchester and Newcastle so that should be good. Also, we haven’t played together onstage as a band for a while so it’ll be nice just to get onstage.

Is there a particular venue that you’re especially excited to play?

We like playing live because it continues to confound your expectations. Gigs we think will be great end up being not so good and vice versa so the magic of walking onstage and not knowing when an amazing gig will happen is what it’s about for us really.

We love playing Newcastle because it is home, Cambridge was a great gig last time we played there, Koko in London is a brilliant venue, Bristol will be pretty electric. All of them really but for different reasons!

Have you got any pet-hates at your gigs? (i.e. phones, people on shoulders etc.)

Not really, I suppose I always hope that the security guards recognise that they are there to ensure safety as opposed to giving some 14 year old a beating because they crowd surfed.

Do you have a favourite gig from the past?

Ah, many. We’ve played hundreds of gigs so lots stand out but for varying reasons. From people’s houses when we first started to gigs at the Boardwalk in Sheffield after performing on a tram or playing our first gig in New York. Lots of good memories.

As a band, I’m assuming you meet a variety of characters whilst on the road and playing gigs, but have you ever met anyone that sticks out in your mind as particularly interesting? You don’t have to name names, obviously!

Not really, again we’ve met so many people over the years and have lots of little stories but none really stand out. We met the bloke who sang the Baywatch theme tune once and he was spot on – he seemed really settled and with it for someone who knocked about in the 80s. Then a couple of months later he died from a drug induced heart attack so…. I’m not sure we’d make good health professionals.

The wait for the greatly anticipated release of ‘Hope Is Just A State’ is slowly drawing to a close, which I’m sure is very exciting news for you! What excites you the most about this album?

I think we’re just looking forward to letting people hear it. We’ve been working on it solidly for almost a year so it’s like a film where Rocky goes off training in the woods before coming back to release an album. We’re just ready for it to be sent on its merry way.

Who would you say inspired this album, or any of your past albums/EPs?

Hopefully if we listen back to it in 10 years time we’ll be able to recognise this period of our lives – out thoughts on issues, our families or just what the music suggests about how we felt. It should be a little chronicle. I don’t really keep a diary so this is that for me – it’s a lot more personal than our previous two albums so I’d say it is just an outpouring of thoughts… If that makes sense.

I’m sure the making of your third album was both mentally/physically strenuous, but at the same time wholly gratifying and, I imagine, a lot of fun. Do you have any funny anecdotes related to the making of the album, or any of your albums, that you’d be willing to share?

Funny anecdotes haha. We’re still so close to it having been finished that there are stories which we’d find funny but other people might just think sounded strange.

I spent an entire evening recording vocals on a really valuable old microphone. When I listened back the next day it sounded really weird, like the mic was broken. When I got Mickey to check it turned out I’d been recording into the mic the wrong way round… I still blamed him like.

Does this album go in the same direction as your other releases, or are you maybe going down a new avenue in terms of sound and context?

It’s definitely more personal lyrically in the sense that every song is about something important to me. Musically I don’t think it is too different to the second album, but that’s largely because our writing process has stayed the same, whereas between albums one and two Mark left; and we stopped writing with a drummer present.

I think the fact that this is the first time where both me and Mickey are parents when the album has been recorded and written has had a big impact. We try to write quite organically so it is natural that such a big change in our perception of the world will have an effect on the music.

Also, being the third album I think we have a little more confidence in ourselves as writers and producers. We know what works for our music a little more, and don’t really have any outside pressure from a label needing sales or a big hit. We can just write what we like, which is a lovely feeling.

Is there a specific track that you’re excited about letting your fan-base hear? Or would you say the whole album will be notably impressive to them?

At the minute we are just releasing songs one by one which is nice, but I’m really looking forward to when all the tracks are up so people can hear it as an album. We thought long and hard about the track listing so when you listen to it all together it should make more sense than the odd track in isolation.

How do you think you’ll celebrate the release?

Me, Steve, Mickey and Matt are going to have a Pizza Express and if it goes top 40 we might have pudding too.

Thank you so much, and I wish you the best of luck with the release and the tour!

Ah thanks Lucy! Hope you like it 🙂

Hope Is Just A State Of Mind‘ is released on the 16th of February 2015.

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