INTERVIEW: SPLASHH – 17/10/2013 – The Garage, London

We sent Henry Small down to The Garage in London to grill Sasha (vocals/guitar), Toto (lead guitar), Thomas (bass) and Jacob (drums) of Splashh.

splashh-bandFirst off, your debut album ‘Comfort’ was both produced and recorded by yourselves, what were the reasons for this?

Toto: It felt right to do it ourselves. We would write the songs then record them and produce them ourselves. The other reason for self-producing the album is that we didn’t really have the opportunity to record the album in a studio, plus in the end we felt happy and confident in the way they sounded.

You mentioned that you would write the songs then record the songs straight away. What’s the process behind the way you write your songs?

Toto: It would normally start with Sasha coming to my house; maybe with a melody and a few a few chords, then together we would build loops and work it out from there. Then we would take it to the rehearsal space and work it out with the others and add lyrics.

The songs on the first album have been around for a long time, have you started working on new material for a second album yet?

Sasha: At the moment we’re focusing on touring but when we do look towards the new album I think it will be more cohesive and planned.

And do you think you will produce it yourselves again?

Sasha: Not really sure about producing it ourselves this time, but it will probably be recorded in a studio.

Jacob: The thing about us doing a very sort of lo-fi ish album means that we can move our sound around a bit, nothings really nailed down.

I know you guys aren’t from London (coming from New Zealand, Australia and England) but is playing a London show almost a home-coming show special? Especially as you’re often labelled a ‘London Band‘ after forming here?

Sasha: Yeah, it does feel like a sort of home-coming show a lot of our friends are coming tonight so in that sense it is.

Toto:  Yes, we are labelled as a kind of London band, but I like to think of us more as a band based in London rather than a London band. If anything we are sort of an international band, but based in London.

Sasha: Yeah, we used London in the same way as some bands/people in America use Brooklyn and New York, in that they are just places where things can happen.

What music and bands influence you the most?

Sasha: Deerhunter would be one of the main ones for us, but also The Strokes, and lots of bands from around the 60’s that kind of thing.

Jacob: LCD Soundsytem and Caribou too, bands that make electronic based music but are still very much bands.

What about new bands? Are there any that you like at the moment?

Toto: We don’t really get much time to keep up with new bands at the moment with touring, there isn’t much time to look at blogs and stuff like that any more.

What about the bands you’re on tour with at the moment, I know that The Wytches haven’t been with you for the whole tour, but what do you make of them and Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs?

Sasha: We hadn’t really heard much of Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs before the tour but yeah we like them, they are really nice guys too, totally obsessed with the 60’s and like to party too. The Wytches are really great too. They’re really chilled out during the day drinking green tea and they like to save their voices for the shows but they can party too. Another great newish band are Childhood, who are friends of ours. I really like Chvrches at the moment too and TRAAMS are really good.

Jacob: I really like Mac DeMarco at the moment too, and pop songs with really big hooks that you can’t really ignore.

Tom: I’m really liking King Krule at the moment.

Sasha: Seems we know more about new music than we thought we did!

You’ve spent most of this year on tour and playing shows and festivals all over the world, what would be some of the highlights?

Sasha: For location wise I’d have to say MIDI Festival, because thats right on the Southern French Coast and the French Riviera.

Toto: Best Kept Secret in Holland was also amazing because it was one of the biggest shows we’d done.

Tom:  Anywhere in America is pretty special.

Jacob: Knee Deep Festival was pretty great too.

You’ve nearly finished your current tour, do you have any plans for what’s next?

Toto: After the tour I’m heading back home (Australia) to see my family; to relax a bit and have some time off to refresh before starting work on the new album.

Sasha: Yeah, I’m heading back home (New Zealand) too, I think we are all going to have some time off before starting the next album.

Finally how did you come up with the name Splashh?

Toto: Its really hard to pick a name for a band but Splashh just sounds fun and its quite easy to remember.

Jacob: Its a good name as well because its the same in every language too.

Toto: We decided to add the double ‘h’ at the end of it to help make it more Google-able, in the same way Chvrches did; we have to set us apart from other things online.

Words by Henry Small.

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