INTERVIEW: Drowners – 06/01/2014 – “Jangly, spirited indie pop with an undeniable British charm.”

Things are looking good for New York City’s Drowners. But a fairly small time band rarely has things this good.

The New York City four piece are fresh off tour dates with the likes of high successful contemporaries (Foals, The Vaccines and Arctic Monkeys) and their self titled debut album is dropping in less than a month. Building buzz on both sides of the Atlantic isn’t that hard when you’ve got a sound like this – jangly, spirited indie pop with an undeniable British charm. Paired with their New York coolness and hip swingy, 80’s guitars, it’s no surprise everyone (us included) are fawning over this quintessential quartet.

We asked lead singer Matt Hitt a series of rapid-fire questions about Drowners and their “romantic post punk” sound. See below for their latest single, “Luv, Hold Me Down”, as well.

Thank you very much for talking to us! Can you tell us who’s who in Drowners? How and when did the band form?

You’re welcome! There’s Jack who plays guitar, Erik on bass and Lakis plays drums. I, Matt, play guitar and sing. We got together in New York in early 2012 after meeting in a pub.

Describe your sound in a sentence or less.

A really romantic version of early 80s post-punk.

What, besides other artists, influences on your music? Do you get inspiration from your colorful home city of New York?

New York was a big influence on our sound. After I moved here I became obsessed with the kind of ‘no time wasting/no bullshit’ attitude a lot of New Yorkers seem to have and I wanted to try and put that into songs. I think that kind of bled into the tempo and arrangement of our record.

Your self-titled album comes out in less than a month, how do you feel about that? How was the recording process?

We’re excited to finally get it out. We recorded it over 3 weeks last May so we’re all definitely ready for people to hear it.

What’s on the horizon for the band in 2014? We’re really excited to see you in D.C.; are there more headline shows on the way?

Definitely a lot of touring.

How do you think things will change for the band once you release your record?

It’s hard to say. Hopefully for the better…

What bands do you look up to? Why?

Queens of the Stone Age. Jack and I met Josh Homme a couple of months ago and he’s taller than the pair of us. I’d like a couple of guitar lessons off him too.

Lastly, what band was your favorite to tour with in the past? What currently active band would you like to go on a dream tour with?

The Arctic Monkeys gigs we did last year were a lot of fun. And the gigs we’ve done with The Vaccines were great. It’d be fun to tour with those guys again…

The Drowners self-titled debut album is released on the 27th of January via Frenchkiss Records. You can pre-order it right here.

Words by Nana Gongadze.

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