Peace Foreverever Interview – 10/05/2012 – The Great Escape Festival Brighton – Horatios

At the end of Brighton Pier on a filthy rainy day at The Great Escape Festival, we catch up with the lads from Peace in a rather hilarious yet investigative chat.

Such topics include: nakedness at Mystery Jets gigs, supporting the Manic Street Preachers, possibly starting a rivalry with Tom Jones and on releasing an album, before finishing on a very profound and moving moment.

Becky Excell: Hello everyone, today we are here with Peace, how are you guys today?

All: Excellent, amazing, cool!

BE: Welcome to The Great Escape, have you played here before?

All: It’s our first time!

BE: Are you excited about it?

All: Totally, it’s going to be awesome!

BE: You’re playing quite a few gigs here, do you think its hard work to do them all or do you just love it?

Douglas Castle: Not really, we’ve just been on a two month tour so another 3 gigs doesn’t seem too bad.

Harrison Koisser: It’s cool we’ve got like one each day, so we’ve got a lot of time. We did two gigs in one day, it was heavy and we’ve got two gigs in one day next week as well.

Dominic Boyce: Have we?

Sam Koisser: Yeah, Brixton!

HK: But yeah, it’s cool just to have a lot of time to chill out!

Mark Wood: Are you going to get the chance to see some other bands at the festival?

HK: Yeah, fully.

DC: We’re going to go watch The Mystery Jets later.

HK: And Spector.

BE: I’m sure you’ve seen The Mystery Jets quite a lot recently.

All: Yeah, can’t get enough of them.

HK: Actually I think Spector might be on at the same time as us…

BE: They’re on about 11pm.

HK: Oh sweet, we’ll go and see them then!

DC: Really want to see Virals, saw their first show at Camden Crawl last week.

BE: Oh so how was Camden Crawl for you?

HK: Yeah, it was good, our first time at that too.

MW: So we first saw you supporting The Mystery Jets in Norwich. It must be a different when you’re a support act as the crowd aren’t there to see you primarily, but how did you feel your stuff went down on the tour?

HK: Really good, I don’t think we sound too similar but we could kind of share a fan base. There are definitely things that people like about The Mystery Jets that people like about us and vice versa I guess.

DB: One night we sold more t-shirts that they did!

HK: We put them to shame! Who was doing their merch?!

BE: I thought the crowd really got into you in a big way in Norwich; the crowd seemed really jumpy!

HK: (Ponders) There was a crowd surfer! GOD BLESS HIM!

(The band all get quite excited thinking back to this)

BE: Did you know him?!

(The band start their own personal conversation)

DC: I know him through a friend… it was Mitcher (apologies for the possible incorrect spelling of their friend’s name)!

HK: Chilly was there.

DC: Yeah he was pissing in the corner.

HK: Yeah and he got naked during The Mystery Jets, he took his trousers and underwear off and was like “Yeah this is how we do it in Norwich!”

MW: I guess Mystery Jets must be used to such things happening at their gigs.

HK: Totally, they make me want to take my clothes off! I think I speak for every female between the ages of 14-80 when I say that, they’ve got a good female fan base.

BE: Have you enjoyed being on tour with them?

All: Yeah, we’ve had a great time.

DC: We’re reuniting tonight for Club Babe.

HK: Yeah, we opened up our own club one night in Stoke, Club Babe, and the doors are being prised open today – it’s awesome.

BE: You had to stop part of your Mystery Jets tour to go out into Europe to support the Manic Street Preachers; that must have been really cool. How did it come about? It seemed quite sudden?

DB: The day before we found out!

BE: You can’t resist that!

HK: Our tour manager suddenly had a day to sort out getting us to Europe and budget the whole tour. Bonefish is our tour manager… you’ve got to meet him later! Such an awesome guy!

BE: Did you have a tour bus?

HK: No, we had a van. We stayed in hotels; Bonefish was just booking them as we went. The tour was so worth it, the shows were a lot bigger.

BE: They are a really big band, do you like their stuff?

HK: Yeah, I think I like them so much more now after hearing them live every day.

SK: Meeting them in person as well was nice, they’re really nice guys, very friendly.

HK: The first time I met Nicky Wire, he walked past me and patted me on the back, he was wearing sequins on his eye lids, full makeup and a crazy suit & he said “Tonight, we’ll make a man of you boy!” and then walked off. I was like “Shit, this guy is cool!”

BE: I guess they’re a band you can aspire to be like in terms of their size.

HK: They’ve had some hits!

(The band debate how many top ten albums they’ve had… we conclude a lot! They give thanks to Wikipedia for their ‘knowledge’!)

BE: I don’t really want to compare you to any other band because I’ve looked at a lot of different interviews… and well… I’m just going to compare you anyway! When we first saw you we thought you sounded a bit like Foals and I’ve read that you don’t really think that’s the case. So, for  new fans, how would you describe your music without using a comparison?

HK: I think it should make you want to shake and make you want to cry at the same time, sometimes make you want to party, it’s a mixed bag! We know what we sound like but it’s just top secret, we can’t tell you.

MW: People do find it difficult to pigeonhole you into one particular thing so they just start comparing you to anything.

HK: Yeah totally, at Camden Crawl I was walking through and someone was talking about us and said we sounded like Blur… that’s quite different to Foals. Actually, to be honest, we have no idea what we sound like!

MW: Maybe that’s why it works?

HK: Maybe it is!

DB: All these comparisons are nice though.

HK: They’re all really good bands… no one has said we sound like… who’s a shit band? I don’t even think there are many shit bands.

BE: Do you want to make an enemy today?

DB: We should be careful.

DC: We should start a rivalry!

MW: Tom Jones?

DC: (Jokingly we are assured) Fuck you Tom Jones! Actually… he’s amazing!

HK: Yeah you can’t say that about Tom Jones. Friends are over there, I could throw my bottle of water at them. But in all seriousness, I don’t drink Haterade.

MW: Have you got any plans for an album release or any future EPs?

DB: Yeah, we’re having some studio time this summer for an EP, when that’ll be released I’m not entirely sure, we’re doing it soon though.

HK: And then I’d like to release an album.

All: Yeah!

HK: Are you into albums?

DB: I’m not doing it unless I’m begged!

BE: I’ll beg you!

HK: If people are like “c’mon do an album” then we’ll do one. I’d do one next week!

BE: Have you got a lot of songs that you would put out on an album or would you have to go back in the studio and think it through a bit more?

HK: We could put some stuff together, the danger is without having some time to all play and get the album perfect & play all the songs live, you risk the chance of going into the studio and turning something hypothetical into a physical record without giving it the time that it needs live and room to breathe. It needs time and room for us to say “that was awful, why were we doing space funk.” I think rushing into recording an album is a bad idea, rushing into anything is bad and we’ve tried not to do that.

DB: Two songs in two years!

HK: Yeah that’s what I’m talking about, a song a year! I think not rushing is good, just enjoy the present, make the present as good as it can be.

DB: Live for the moment.

peace-interview-brighton-2012HK: Because the present is the memory maker. You’re making memories right now, so you’ve got to make them good.

MW: Lyrics for a new song there?!

HK: Yeah! Can I get a copy of this interview transcript quickly!

MW: So in about ten years you might have enough songs for a whole album?!

HK: Yeah maybe, if we keep churning them out at the pace we’re going.

DB: A healthy decade.

HK: Yeah give us a decade and we’ll release something.

BE: Over the past month your media presence seems to have increased dramatically, will you have any time to relax over the summer? What’s the summer for Peace?

HK: I think we are going to chill this summer.

DC: July we’re playing Lounge on the Farm and Latitude.

HK: Yeah, no summer tours, we’ve got a few festivals but we want to relax, I can’t really do anything in the heat. It’s just nice to chill out and see some friends.

DB: Get a caravan!

HK: But yeah, we will have enough time once the EPs out and then tour towards the end of the year & then… let’s do an album guys. We’ve decided right here, it’s happening.

MW: I’m glad we were here for this decision!

BE: Right we’re going to round this interview off now, any last words from Peace at The Great Escape?

HK: What do you reckon?

SK:  See you on the boat!

DB: See you next year!

SK: It’s been a pleasure!

HK: It’s going to be great and always remember that you can’t release a dove that’s free already, think about it.

BE: Right… thank you Peace!

All: Cheers!

Agree or disagree?