July Talk is an enigma. They’re mesmerizing and entertaining and harsh in the best way possible – like the contrast between black and white or the heat of a fire in a cold room.

july-talk-canadian-bandWhen they’re onstage, you can’t take your eyes off of them. In my humble opinion, they are one of the best things to happen to Canadian music in a very long time. My main point here is: you should listen to them. Like, right now.

The band consists of lead singers Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis, Ian Docherty on guitar, John Warburton playing bass, and Danny Miles on drums. They are insane in a good way. Onstage, they’re one chaotic, captivating entity. Their live show is refreshing and unique and dramatic – it’s not unusual for Leah to stick her fingers in Peter’s mouth mid-set or to pull out a tube of bright red lipstick and apply it to an audience member’s lips. They put on a seriously incredible rock n’ roll concert, which is something that’s hard to come by nowadays. As soon as you exit the venue, you want to come back for more.

July Talk’s self-titled debut album has been out in Canada and Europe for a while now, and will be released in the United States at the beginning of March. It’s a record of hard-core, in-your-face kind of rock songs like ‘The Garden‘ and ‘Paper Girl‘, with a couple slower, more sentimental tracks such as ‘Having You Around’ and ‘The Comedown Champion.’ Leah’s soft and feminine (but still majorly badass) voice mingled with Peter’s raspy, angry tone makes for the most unique sound you’ve ever heard.

Like I said before, July Talk is an insane band. They mix together elements of blues and alternative and a good, healthy dose of rock n’ roll and the result is so refreshing you feel like you could listen to them for days on end. I’ve been a fan of them for a while now, and not once have I ever felt bored. They’ve recently been in the studio writing and recording for their second studio album, so make sure you keep an eye out for that. Trust me when I tell you that when it comes to July Talk, there is no doubt that you’ll be in love at first listen.

Agree or disagree?