BAND OF THE DAY: Azzurro Peaks

Hailing from the East Midlands, Azzurro Peaks is pysch-folk inspired solo-project from the brain child of Derby-based musician, Mark Jones.

Azzurro Peaks Band Of The DayIf the numbers of psych-folk and folk underground releases in the last couple of years are anything to go by, it seems we have an insatiable appetite for music whose principle qualities are both as desirable and curiously inviting – much like smoke drifting up from a forest campfire.

Drawing influences from the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Nick Drake and Syd Barrett, EP – ‘Skimming Surfaces, Orbiting Space‘ is a dense, swirling cloud of melancholic psychedelia with the odd minimal percussion. (Including tambourine, hand claps and a good slab of reverb heavy guitar).

Riders in the Sundown‘ is a steadily loping, spaced-out strings meditation, which serves as a vibed-out folk psychedelia to its brightest capabilities. Other tracks featured, ‘Don’t Fall on the Stepping Stones‘ and ‘Earls Court‘ follow the same flow, gathering enough energy and intimacy that drains away from the dark and inwards, towards the soul.
This is a very original sounding EP, that has the ability to marry the pleasant and violent in a bewildering manner. The psychedelic rhythm never strays far from the sometimes overwhelming noise and the lyrics are in places incoherent, however occasional gems and wonderful turns of phrase emerge throughout. In all, Mark has seemed to stumble upon a sound that stands up to the likes of any psychedelic act – acoustic or electric.

With a debut album to be recorded over the summer and a split single release with ‘Unqualified Nurse’ in the works, the question is: who’s gonna snap him up?

Watch the video for ‘Riders in The Sundown Below’ or Head over to Azzurro Peaks’ Bandcamp now, to listen to ‘Skimming Surfaces…’ and other releases.

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