Four guys defining Shoegaze since 2009. Cheatahs are a hugely under-appreciated four-piece based in London (but individually from across the globe!)

cheatahs-band-reviewBringing back 50s psychedelia and fusing it with alt-rock and dreamy synths, Cheatahs form the perfect concoction for spine-tinglingly transcendent tracks. Their music is both lyrically and musically outstanding, and acts as a satisfying refreshment to my parched, ‘samey-indie-rock-pop’ ears. It has a wonderful uniqueness about it, and that’s delightful to hear.

In terms of sound, their songs have elements of general 90’s American rock, but with a sort of kaleidoscopic spin on it, bringing it right back into the modern age in that Shoegaze category. Two bands that immediately stick out to me as equivalents are the prolific Lemonheads and Teenage Fanclub.

As much as Cheatahs have been around for coming up six years, their music has not had nearly the recognition that it’s deserved of. From 2009 when the release of ‘Warrior’ was before us, to the just recently released ‘Sunne’ EP (which, having given a listen, I thoroughly recommend buying!), the band have given us a wide variety of music to flick through their psychedelic juke-box.

So if you hadn’t heard of them prior to reading this, and you like the sound of them post reading this, get listening! You won’t be unimpressed. You can find Cheatahs on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

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