Remember 3-piece garage band Harlem? You know, they released that album ‘Hippies’ back in 2010? No? Well anyway, too often good bands die quiet deaths. This was such a case.

las-rosas-flower-in-the-sun-reviewSince then, they’ve split off into three directions. Michael Coomer started Lace Curtains, (Definitely worth a listen) Curtis O’Mara formed Grape St. and now, bassist Jose Boyer has Las Rosas.

Tipped by Pitchfork to be a breakthrough act in 2015, this Brooklyn trio showcases an almost slacker atmosphere embedded with twangy guitars that feature the drive where their predecessors, Harlem left off.

Las Rosas’ Lo-Fi approach brings a catchy, palatable sound. Accompanied by slightly nasally vocals, crisp hooks and relatable subject matter that leave you asking the question: what more do you want?

Stand-out tracks ‘Black Cherry‘ & ‘Supposed 2 Be’ give an indication of what’s capable and what 2015 lies ahead for this promising debut. You can find ‘Flower in The Sun’ on Las Rosas’ Bandcamp.

Agree or disagree?