MOTHXR (pronounced Mother) will be playing on alternative radio stations within the next year. You can quote me on this.

mother-mothxr-band-of-the-dayI’m surprised not many people have heard of them already. Based in Brooklyn, these boys are just getting started in the New York indie scene.

Members are Jimmy Giannopoulos, Simon Oscroft, Darren Will and Penn Badgley. Wait, who? Yes, Penn Badgley…you know, that guy from that dramatic teenage girl show Gossip Girl… he dated Blake Lively before she got pregnant with Ryan Reynolds’ baby… At first I thought there was no way this guy could be in a legitimate band that would actually make good music. Boy was I wrong.

I discovered MOTHXR by chance on Soundcloud and noticed they were basically brand new. They just released a new single ‘Stranger’ and I wanted more immediately. They only had one other single out, ‘Easy’ and every video I found on YouTube was from less than six months ago. In true hipster fashion, I discovered these guys way before they might go on to anything big in the mainstream.

The reason I like MOTHXR so much is the fact that I can’t classify them. Partly, because they’re still young and developing their sound and style as a band. But mostly because I can’t think of any other bands that sound like them. With other artists it’s easy to say, “Oh that riff sounds like it’s from this song” or “these vocals sound like this singer,” but not with MOTHXR. Badgley’s vocals are muddled over trance like echoing beats. And the beats are the perfect mix of live guitar and electronic synth sounds. The closest band I can compare them to is maybe Alt-J since they are a band that also has their own distinct sound.

At least we have a few singles to hold us over until we finally get a full album. Check out their simple yet powerful video for ‘Easy’ now. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud. Be sure to tell them who sent you!


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