BAND OF THE DAY: Superfood

Looking for a nutrient-rich Superfood that is especially beneficial for health and well-being? Well, it seems like Google has led to the wrong place. If you’re looking for a band who are beneficial for your health and well-being, then you’ve chosen the correct path.

superfood-band-of-the-dayBirmingham four-piece Superfood differentiates from fellow B-Town chums Peace, Swim Deep and Jaws in that they incorporate female bassist Emily Baker into the mix. Having supported Peace on tour during the latter half of 2012, frontman Harry Koisser spoke out in support of the group saying he has a ‘band crush’ on this bunch of newbies.

Crafting easily identifiable music that rests in a 90’s vein, the playful grunge vibes of ‘Superfood’ (the track from which their name derives) sees laidback guitar grooves exist within epic proportions. Dom Ganderton’s vocals and tight guitar work tie tracks together, formulating bubbles of bliss that is the finished product. If you’re looking for chest-swelling intensity and heart-hammering drums; look no further than Superfood.

Need a place to start? We loved tracks such as ‘Superfood’ and ‘Bubbles’. If you want to show Superfood some love you can find them on their Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud. Be sure to tell them who sent you!

Words by Lauren Wade.

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