Get to Know a Canadian Band: Arkells

Sometimes you just need a band that makes super good music and sweet jams that put you in a good mood no matter what. Believe me when I tell you that if you’re struggling with finding a band that all of that criteria, Arkells are the answer.

Arkells-band-of-the-dayThis band creates wonderfully upbeat songs that are like sonic happiness, and I guarantee that you’ll be hooked after one listen. I like to think that they’re a bit of a staple in the Canadian music scene, but they sure as hell deserve more worldwide recognition.

Arkells are from Hamilton, Ontario – a city which has a pretty solid music scene that continues to grow. The Junos – which are like the Canadian version of the Grammys – were just held at Hamilton’s biggest arena, and some really cool bands including The Darcys and Alvvays have played gigs in the city. They also have some pretty rad record shops in which I’ve spent a lot of time and money. (Fun fact -Arkells are named after the street in Hamilton that they used to live on.)

As of now, the band has released three albums – Jackson Square, Michigan Left, and High Noon. All of them are jam-packed with the kind of songs that you want to dance and sing along to, but slower melodies have not been left out. ‘What Are You Holding Onto?,’ ‘Come to Light‘, and ‘John Lennon‘ are some of my personal favourites, but I’ve never met an Arkells song that I didn’t like. Also, there is nothing more satisfying than listening to ‘Leather Jacket‘ while wearing an actual, physical leather jacket. Nothing.

I’ve been to one Arkells show and I’m adding two more to my repertoire this summer. Let me tell you that there is no possible way that you could be bored at one of their shows. They’re captivating and interactive and fun and inclusive and will leave your ears ringing and your voice hoarse in the best way. Watching them onstage is a treat – they go so hard and the mix of all of their instruments makes for an amazing sound, both recorded and live.

Long story short, Arkells are the kind of band that you can’t help but love. In all honesty, if you said you didn’t like this band, you would be denying yourself happiness. I would highly recommend checking them out on tour as they have recently announced American and European dates as well as appearances at a couple Canadian festivals including Field Trip and Osheaga, and all the shows are sure to be a blast. And, before you thank me for telling you about this band: you’re welcome. If you knew about them before reading this and you already love them: I’m proud of you. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Agree or disagree?