Get to Know a Canadian Band: The Darcys

If there’s one band that I think the whole world needs to hear right now, it’s The Darcys. And I’ve felt like that for a while and I’ll keep feeling like that until the whole world actually does hear them.

the-darcys-band-of-the-dayThe Darcys have been through a lot – they’ve lost singers, they’ve been held at knifepoint, they’ve been hit by a truck, a porno stole their song. More recently, they became a duo rather than a four-piece band. And they’re still making music. As we speak, they’re writing and cutting demos and recording and choosing tracks for their fourth album, which means that this is the perfect time for all of you to start listening to them. Because they are absolutely incredible.

The Darcys are Jason Couse and Wes Marskell, although until late last year, the band also included Mike Le Riche and Dave Hurlow. Before disbanding, they released three albums – The Darcys, Aja, and Warring. Their style is unlike anything you’ve ever heard, and their fanbase has come to call their genre “art-rock,” which is a perfect description of the music they make. The self-titled album is a solid introduction. It’s easy to listen to, but it also makes you think. It’s the kind of album you should listen to when you’re driving home alone at midnight. “Aja” is an album of Steely Dan covers, and it sounds so incredible on vinyl that I can’t even put it into words for you. “Warring,” their most recent release, is intense. It’s captivating and once you put it on it’s very hard to stop listening to it on repeat. It’s a black hole of the most satisfying sounds you’ve ever heard in your life. You can tell it was written and recorded in a city, and it’s really interesting to hear that on a record.

Jason and Wes are currently working on their fourth studio album, and it’s bound to be just as good, if not better than their previous releases. They just spent a couple weeks in Banff working on songs, and I’m sure they made a ton of progress. It wouldn’t surprise me if this record sounds like mountains and lakes and beautiful scenery. They seem to have this incredible ability to pull from so many different things to create music. They change their sound at the drop of a hat, but they still manage to sound like The Darcys. They are still able to connect with their audience on an extreme level, and I think that’s hard to come by. Now all we can do is wait patiently (or not so patiently) to hear what they’ve come up with.

Aside from being intensely talented, The Darcys are also genuinely nice guys. They care a lot about their fans. When I saw them in concert last May, they took their time to talk to me and honestly, they probably thanked me at least six times for coming to the show. They are huge fans of music themselves, and when I started to listen to Interpol, they were more than willing to tell me their favourite songs and albums and what I should listen to first. Just a couple weeks ago, they took time out of making an album to answer some questions I had about some issues surrounding Canada’s music industry.

The main point of this is that The Darcys are one of my favourite bands. And they deserve a lot more recognition than they currently have. After you finish reading, get on Spotify or YouTube and listen to “House Built Around Your Voice” and “Josie” and “Hunting” and “Pretty Girls.” I don’t doubt that you’ll fall in love with their music and listen to the rest of their songs and try and fail to put on something else. Buy Warring off iTunes. Better yet, buy all of their albums. I promise you will not regret it.

Agree or disagree?