Whilst we’ve been outside tanning our bodies to the next shade of the Dulux colour chart all summer, SKATERS of NYC have spent their summer in the studio. Their latest track ‘Mental Case’ is certainly worth fake tanning for.

skaters-mental-case-reviewClocking in at just under two and a half minutes, ‘Mental Case‘ is a melancholic symphony of rumbling bass, psychedelic organs and thundering drums. The chorus is certain to have you wishing you were still in a festival field instead of daydreaming at your desk, face down in a mug of Cuppa Soup.

Becky informs me that SKATERS have recently parted ways with their label Warner Bros and have decided to release this track independently. Why not show these lads some support and pick up this self-released underdog? Pick it up on iTunes right here.

Whilst we still mourn the loss of NME which recently had Taylor Swift in its cover, it’s reassuring to see that bands like SKATERS are still fighting the corner for alternative music. 9/10

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