TRACK OF THE DAY: The Crookes ‘You Bring The Snow’

Well, here I was, thinking that a tiny square of chocolate would be the highlight of my day. Then The Crookes go and release a Christmas cracker that’s full of festive cheer, instead of the usual Christmas hat and terrible Dad joke.

The Crookes 'You Bring The Snow'

Once again retaining their well-deserved title as the kings of Christmas, The Crookes have given us all an early Christmas present in the form of ‘You Bring The Snow‘. With an appropriately festive hook and guitars that jangle like fairy lights, ‘You Bring The Snow’ is snow laughing matter (sorry, must have read too many of those Christmas cracker jokes). The track celebrates the Christmas of our youths, aptly framed through a fuzzy, grainy VHS lens just like your mum used to film.

Instantaneously, ‘You Bring The Snow’ so accurately sums up how Christmas begins to lose it’s sparkle year upon year, as the cynical ones of us begin to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Yet as George Waite longs for “one more Christmas like when we were young” and the cheery synth chimes out like Christmas bells, you may just remember a millisecond of how it used to feel when you woke up as a kid on Christmas day. Thanks to The Crookes, it seems like there might be hope for even the most seasoned of us ‘Bill Murrays’ out there this Christmas.

So as we grit our teeth through another awkward family gathering/late night shopping trip/the entire month of December (delete where appropriate), at least The Crookes’ ‘You Bring The Snow’ will always be there to remind you how much you once loved Christmas, no matter how long ago that was.

Agree or disagree?