TRACK OF THE DAY: The Last Shadow Puppets ‘Les Cactus’

We’ve only been in hibernation for a year, but what do we find when come back? Alex Turner singing in… French? Did things really get that out of hand while we were away? Nevertheless, The Last Shadow Puppet’s ‘Les Cactus’ is a rock’n’roll work of art that’ll having you screaming “Jambon-beurre!” (sorry, I only managed a C in my French GCSE).

Alex Turner dances in The Last Shadow Puppets 'Les Cactus'Being an electrifying revival of Jacques Dutronc’s original, first released in 1967 (I’m not knowledgeable, I just looked on Wikipedia), Turner and Kane inject a little extra sting to those Cactus spines that’ll leave you grateful for the free-of-charge musical acupuncture. It reeks of retro rock’n’roll with the ghost of John Lennon possessing Alex Turner from start to finish. Also, Turner’s dance moves seem to have finally graduated from Dad dancing, to full-blown Dad panicking on a Sunday morning because we’ve run out of toilet rolls. Has everything truly gone mad in our absence?

Kane’s intense assault on guitar only further hammers the ‘Les Cactus’ party home with mind-bending guitar solos and stupendously sharp rhythm sections. Throw in the funktastic basslines, lively percussion and a 60’s organ and you’ve got living proof that rock’n’roll is safe in the hands of The Last Shadow Puppets. As if Turner & Kane hadn’t given us enough already this year, keep your eyes peeled for this track on The Dream Synopsis EP, released at all respectable record shops on December 2nd, 2016.

Much like listening to Sylvester Stallone sing the national anthem, I’d sum up The Last Shadow Puppets ‘Les Cactus’ very simply: “I didn’t understand a word of it, but if you’ll excuse me, I must now do an interpretive dance of a cactus.” Oh come on Miles, don’t look at me like that.

Miles Kane in The Last Shadow Puppets 'Les Cactus'

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