ALBUM REVIEW: King Krule ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’

Armed with weighty beats being thrown around the ethos, King Krule’s ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’ andĀ its lulling sound fights modern convention.

king-krule-6-feet-beneath-the-moon-album-reviewArmed with prangs and Archie Marshall’s monotone-esque vocals, this album creates an uneasy venomous tone which captivates its listeners. The 18 year old wonder began the King Krule project back in 2010, slowly building up to what seems to have been a very big year for the starlet; he even caught the attention of some famous fans in the form of the very milf-ilicious Beyonce.

‘Easy Easy’ begins the London-odyssey of the album and most definitely brought a lot of attention upon King Krule throughout the Summer months. This was especially evident with the release of its music video which captures the track in a montage of Marshall’s cheeky-chap-like mischief and realism. On its own, ‘Easy Easy’ is a superior being, full of twists and turns, marching on with a soft-pedal mix of vocality.

‘Out Getting Ribs’ brings more of a hint towards an alternate genre, different to many of the other tracks, with its chimerical beginnings which flow through the arrangement whilst bringing a more laid-back feature to the music Marshall creates. Music to have a quiet nights drink too indeed.

I guess just from ‘Easy Easy’ our perception of King Krule has been formed, as first impressions go, the track makes for a pretty poignant and most definitely ground-breaking start, but as we delve deeper we find that it is this starting point that feeds the rest of the album, nurturing not only this but the audience as a whole. It defines the album, bringing us that synopsis in under 3 minutes. If this isn’t genius, I don’t know what is. ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’ is available 24th August 2013, I know what I’ll be buying. 8/10

Words by Lauren Jones.

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