ALBUM REVIEW: St. Lucia ‘When The Night’

This record, the debut for New York group St. Lucia, is both a magic carpet ride to a dreamy neon wonderworld and a time machine back to the 80’s.

st-lucia-when-the-nightBuilt on a diverse, tropical rhythm section and led by the spirited vocals of South African born Jean-Phillip Grobler, this record establishes St. Lucia as one of the most exciting up and coming pop bands on the scene.

This record opens with a dreamy, new aged tinged intro with “The Night Comes Again”, grabbing you with vibrant, buzzing electronics and pulling you smoothly into the twinkling synths of its atmosphere. 80’s keyboards come alive on “The Way You Remember Me”, but this record is far from dated. It’s one hundred percent fresh and most definitely ultra vivacious. Take track three, ‘Elevate’, a shiny, sonic indie pop soundscape of epic proportions; a benchmark for just how innovative St. Lucia are.

Caribbean percussion and a playful bassline dance around fluorescent synths in the fun-loving ‘Wait For Love’, and atmospheric chillwave elements paint a smooth stroke in the uber catchy ‘All Eyes On You’. Romance is dashing and lively in this sun-drenched LP, just envelop yourself in the layer filled ‘Closer Than This’ and bouncy ‘Call Me Up’.

Vocal layering is among the strongest arrows in St. Lucia’s quiver, Grobler’s high spirited singing pairs excellently with a soft undercurrent of female backing vocals, especially in tracks like the sprightly ‘We Got It Wrong’. The energy of this record doesn’t sag toward the finish line – the nearly six minute ‘September’ is a synth powerplay from start to finish, an incredibly strong note near the end of the record.

The music of St. Lucia has a innate way of making you feel alive. It’s luminous, inventive and a massively good time – an incredibly strong, indie synth pop debut. 9/10

Words by Nana Gongadze.

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