LIVE REVIEW: The Strokes – 18/06/2015 – British Summer Time, Hyde Park

On Thursday 18th June last week The Strokes made their long awaited return to Hyde Park, which was to be their first London gig in five years. The crowd was buzzing and dotted amongst them were quite a few famous faces.

The Strokes Hyde Park British Summer TimeThe likes of Alex Turner and Miles Kane were spotted by many getting on their dancing shoes with the fans, as well as Gwyneth Paltrow, Noel Fielding and many others.

The sun was setting over the park as Julian and Co. finally made their way onto the stage and opened the set with the title track from their debut album “Is This It?” to which the crowd was swaying along to. They then continued by playing another from their debut “Barely Legal”.

The first time Julian addressed the crowd was to say, “What’s up sexys. Young ladies. Damn, this is beautiful.” The crowd responded with screams and cheers for the beloved front man. The Strokes’ seem to have gained a newfound energy in their time away from performing and Julian, especially, seemed to be loving it more than ever.

The song that really got the crowd going was the hit “Someday” which saw everyone moving, and the atmosphere grew as during “Hard To Explain” there were mosh pits opening up all over the place, which Julian was happy to point out.

The Strokes Hyde Park British Summer TimeThe last seven songs of the main set were full of energy and real crowd pleasers, as the guitar intro to “Last Nite” kicked in the crowd were chanting and there was not a single person standing still. Next they transitioned into “Reptilia” which got the crowd moshing once again and people were even singing along to the guitar parts. They then played two songs from the 2011 album Angles, “Machu Picchu” and “Undercover Of Darkness” which meant the crowd continued to bounce around like lunatics. The closing song for the main set was “New York City Cops” which was a great one to finish with as it left the crowd screaming for more.

Finally the encore saw them play three more tracks, much to the pleasure of the fans, with the band finishing on “Take It Or Leave It”.

The Strokes can sometimes be underestimated but after that show stopping performance I think everyone should be putting “See The Strokes Live” on their bucket lists. They played an explosive 18 song set and definitely didn’t fail to impress.


  1. Is This It
  2. Barely Legal
  3. Welcome To Japan
  4. You Talk Way Too Much
  5. Someday
  6. Heart In A Cage
  7. Hard To Explain
  8. Vision Of Division
  9. Last Nite
  10. Reptilia
  11. Machu Picchu
  12. Automatic Stop
  13. Undercover Of Darkness
  14. One Way Trigger
  15. New York City Cops


  1. Juicebox
  2. You Only Live Once
  3. Take It Or Leave It

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