5 Things We Learned From Listening to Spector’s ‘Moth Boys’

 1. Good things come to those who wait.

I still remember the first time I heard Spector‘s ‘What You Wanted’ in my local River Island whilst looking at women’s shoes (I still have the Shazam entry to prove it). And that was in January 2012. I have to be honest, after three years later with the standalone ‘Decade of Decay’ and a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Jealous Guy’ bridging a very vast gap, I was pretty sick of waiting. It sort of felt like your mate popped out for a loaf of bread and after two years you sat there thinking “Where the hell is he? Has he died? I’ll give it another year and re-evaluate the situation.” Fortunately, with ‘Moth Boys’ finally arriving on August 21st with more bangers than your average plate of bangers and mash, I can safely confirm that it was worth the wait.


2. It’s still possible to release a second album and not be a total let down.

I’m not gonna name names but let’s just put it this way: the last band I remember to release a decent follow-up to their debut was Arctic Monkeys and that was in 2007. (If you noticed that I actually did just name a name despite saying I wasn’t going to… then screw you!) It’s a breath of fresh air to see Spector take the strongest elements of their debut and build upon them, striving to develop them into something refreshingly challenging without simultaneously alienating their existing fan-base. It isn’t ‘more of the same’ and it doesn’t obliterate the Spector mould, it’s just plain awesome.


3. I was wrong. An album without ‘Reeperbahn’ can still live up to ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’.

Let’s just get this straight, ‘Reeperbahn‘ is possibly the best Spector track ever. When I found out that it wasn’t going to even be on ‘Moth Boys’, charged with living too much in the world of ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’, I almost choked on my chia seed and quinoa latté (if this actually exists, then I don’t want to live in this world anymore). But having listened to the album in full, I felt a little ashamed when I realised that I never even noticed it was even missing. I imagine this is what I’ll feel like as a parent when I realise that I left my son in the freezer aisle at Tescos… TWO WEEKS AGO.


4. A hint of Dev Hynes is good for your health.

If you thought ‘Decade of Decay‘ was good, then just wait until you hear ‘Cocktail Party / Heads Interlude’. It’s easy to accuse iTunes of suddenly going on shuffle and having landed on Blood Orange’s ‘Cupid Deluxe’ as Hynes’ signature 80’s style percussion comes into play. Yet as MacPherson’s vocals set the tone of the track, it remains undoubtedly Spector through and through. With a little touch of Hynes’ soulful vocals throughout, we can only hope that Spector adopt his amazing dance moves next.


5. Fred MacPherson’s hair is the source of his power.

His hair grows longer. His songs get better. Coincidence? WE THINK NOT. Perhaps if he grew a beard, all of One Direction‘s fan-base would ‘make the switch’ to Spector? ‘Moth Boys’ is a phenomenal album and it just makes everything else sound bad by comparison.


Agree or disagree?