5 Reasons To Listen To The Bohicas’ ‘The Making Of’

1. It’s ‘To Die For’.

Get it? Because it’s the title of one of their songs? *ahem* Terrible jokes aside, ever since The Bohicas appeared on the scene in late 2013 with the double-edged blade that was ‘Swarm / XXX‘, this album was always worth holding your breath for.


2. ‘The Making Of’ oozes attitude and sex appeal.

Tracks like ‘Only You‘ and ‘Red Raw‘ exude a raw intensity that you’d normally associate with desert-dwellers, Queens of the Stone Age.


3. McGuinness’ machine gun vocals.

Dominic McGuinness spits every single line with the conviction of a seasoned rapper and the aggression of a true rock’n’roll frontman. Combined with the chilling riffs of ‘XXX’ and ‘Swarm’, the combination will leave you with a metaphorical black eye (and a literal one if you head-bang too close to your Mum’s coffee table).


4. It’s ter-riff-ic.

With a wealth of killer riffs in their back pocket, it’s hard not to feel like The Bohicas are one of the last of their kind in the indie rock’n’roll world. Yet, there’s nothing like listening to ‘Where You At‘ or ‘To Die For‘ to restore your faith in the genre.


5. It’s the most unlikely ‘love’ album you’ll hear for a long time.

With McGuinness citing that most of the songs centre upon a “boy longing for a girl”, you’d be forgiven for assuming there might be at least one major key song on the album. How conventional of you! Yet with ‘The Making Of’ full of dirty riffs, rampant percussion and rumbling bass-lines, this could possibly be the most abrasive take on love to date. Hook it to my veins.


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