The Great Escape Festival 2013 Round-Up 17/05/2013 – Day Two (Embers, Kodaline, Nina Nesbitt, The Wytches, Temples)

As I pried myself from my bed after dancing the night away at the Corn Exchange the night before, I prepared myself for yet another day crammed full of some of the best bands the globe has to offer; after all, that’s what The Great Escape is all about. Put the hangovers aside because the show must go on! Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s coverage of day one right here.

Embers – 12:30 @ Above Audio

Hailing from Manchester, Embers are the masters of epic anthems and dramatic voyages through music. With undertones of euphoria and larger than life choruses, Embers transported the bustling crowd above Audio to somewhere far, far away from the sunny seaside town of Brighton. They even still kindly managed to get us home in time for the next act. A wonderfully talented outfit.

Kodaline – 14:00 @ The Warren

We were fortunate enough to be invited a couple of secret acoustic shows at The Great Escape where Irish-based Kodaline were filming a session for VEVO. It was a true privilege to witness such a phenomenal band in close proximity as they banged out ‘High Hopes’ like there was no tomorrow. Kodaline were brilliantly composed in their simplicity and Stephen Garrigan’s voice with modest acoustic backing was outstanding.

Nina Nesbitt – 15:00 @ The Warren

The Scottish singer-songwriter who first found her fame through YouTube followed Kodaline’s speedy departure from The Warren. Having supported the likes of Ed Sheeran and Example in the past, Nesbitt showcased exactly why they handpicked her in the first place; her vocals are flawless and she projects an admirable vulnerability through her lyrics. She’s clearly got a talent for songwriting and is also backed by a wonderfully capable band.

The Wytches – 21:15 @ The Haunt

Simultaneously performing in their hometown whilst gracing The Great Escape, Brighton-based The Wytches settled into The Haunt the only way they know how ― by blowing it to smithereens. Kristian Bell’s abrasive vocals tore through The Haunt like a runaway freight train, only leaving destruction behind in The Wytches wake. Combined with gypsy surf scales and the domineering rhythm section which Dan Rumsey and Gianni Honey kindly provide, the resultant  aftermath will leave a pleasant chill running down your spine.

Temples – 22:15 @ The Haunt

Hotly tipped by NME, Temples hail from the Midlands and have quickly gained support through their unmistakable brand of neo-psychedelic rock. Distinctively vintage in their sound across the board, Temples successfully revived the swinging 60’s in true style at The Haunt; it was only the emergent presence of iPhones and digital cameras that gave the game away. Far out.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the FINAL round-up of The Great Escape Festival for full coverage of day three; including The Strypes, Little Green Cars, China Rats & The 1975.


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