TRACK OF THE DAY: Albert Hammond Jr. ‘Born Slippy’

The Strokes’ one and only rhythm guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr., is once again back to proving he’s one of the most underrated solo artists of our generation with ‘Born Slippy.

ahj-born-slippy-free-download-mp3His captivating ‘AHJ’ EP was released back in 2013, existing as the first signs of life in his solo career since ‘Como Te Llama?’ was released back in 2008. With such a sparse record for releases, the prospect of his third solo album ‘Momentary Masters’ is one that loosely feels like anticipating your weekend drinking session; a feeling that leaves you thankful that it did occur but grateful that it can’t happen more often, simply out of fear that further occurrences may actually kill you.

It’s safe to say that with ‘Born Slippy’, Hammond Jr. is sounding more like The Strokes than well… The Strokes. Whilst you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ll leave critique of modern-day Strokes at home for this one, it is slightly unnerving that Hammond Jr.’s solo material has lapped The Strokes’ last album in one four minute burst.

Leaving the bass sitting on the sidelines for the majority of ‘Born Slippy’, this unorthodox move allows the multitude of looping, arpeggiated riffs to take the spotlight in true Hammond Jr. style. Muted guitar melodies flutter as soothing vocals carry this indie symphony home.

Keep your eyes peeled this summer as ‘Momentary Masters’ is set for US release on July 31st with international dates yet to be announced. Whilst we loved Julian Casablancas + The Voidz’s ‘Tyranny’ as much as it’s humanly possible to love an album that’s about as musical as an inkjet printer, we hope that ‘Momentary Masters’ will be a step back in the right direction as far as solo careers are concerned.

Agree or disagree?