TRACK OF THE DAY: Bastille ‘bad_news’

With a title that looks much like a Hotmail address I made when I was fourteen, Bastille‘s latest track ‘bad_news’ looks to be more infectious than the attachments contained within said e-mail’s spam folder.

Bastille-Bad-News-2014-1500x1500Speaking to Dan Smith back in 2011, the singer-songwriter was already armed with the powerful anthems of ‘Laura Palmer‘, ‘Bad Blood‘ ‘Icarus’, ‘Flaws‘ and even ‘Pompeii‘ years prior to his breakthrough. Championing said tracks long before and after his debut album release in 2013, the arrival of Bastille’s new material has been a long time coming.

Bad_news‘ is immediately a more mature step away from the Bastille that took the world by storm with the pop-anthem ‘Pompeii’. It’s instantly more R&B than pop and undoubtedly more soulful than it is indie, yet it still somehow retains the same essence as tracks like ‘Bad Blood’. It’s Bastille 2.0.

The amount of texture featured in this track is godlike; old school R&B vocal runs, subtle funk-guitar riffs, reverberating synth bass, multiple shades of electro-percussion, eerie synth backing, euphoric synth leads, not to mention Smith’s ever-impeccable vocal harmonies. It’s the musical shopping list for greatness, with 30p off your next global hit.

To say that ‘bad_news’ signifies a promising musical progression for this humble London-based band would be a massive understatement. With Smith penning one of the biggest global hits of 2013 in his bedroom it’s not particularly surprising that, when armed with a professional musical arsenal at his disposal, there’s no stopping him.

Agree or disagree?