TRACK OF THE DAY: Florence + The Machine ‘As Far As I Could Get’

Florence + The Machine take listeners on a dreamily eerie journey on their latest track release, ‘As Far As I Could Get’.

TRACK OF THE DAY- Florence + The Machine 'As Far As I Could Get'Record Store Day has come and gone, which, of course, means: new music, exclusive tracks, and empty wallets. Florence + The Machine got in on the hype this year releasing a blue heavy weight vinyl including a new track on the B-side ‘As Far As I Could Get‘.

In an ethereal sounding chorus proclaiming “I went as far as I could get” that ends on the moody tinged line ‘wasting my goddamn time” Florence + The Machine sings a mystifying tale involving psychics, cemeteries, pirates, and Jesus. With Welch’s signature voice reverberating the line “if I am unloved, I am unloved too” and the same continuous beat fading in and out throughout the whole song, the verses cascade across lands of tragedy, fairytales, and everything in between. Yet, after all this toil and trouble, Welch adds another emotional layer towards the end, bemoaning that she is still “not far enough yet”.

Considering that this was deemed unfit for the main album, it should be exciting to see what the other tracks that did make the cut are as the June 2nd album release date approaches.

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