TRACK OF THE DAY: Mumford & Sons ‘Believe’

Mumford & Sons‘ latest track ‘Believe‘ hit critics and fans with the same disbelief on its debut last night. It’s the first single to be taken from new album ‘Wilder Mind’, which is due to be released on May the 4th.

mumford-sons-wilder-mind-album-coverWith immediate calls of “where’s the banjo?”, it appears that Marcus Mumford and co. have ditched their old faithful in favour of that fabulous new instrument that all the kids love, the electric guitar. Perhaps I’m alone in thinking this but I’ll say it anyway: Thank God.

That’s not to say that I never appreciated the good old Mumford & Sons brand of folk, once upon a time. But by their second album, a slow building song with a banjo ‘drop’ had become a little too predictable, too fast for my liking.

Before we all freak out also, lets also not forget that previous songs such as ‘Below My Feet‘ on ‘Babel’ featured electric guitar anyway. However, whether it’s possible for existing fans to still like a band minus their weapon of choice is yet to be decided.

Yet with many critics blubbering that it “sounds like Coldplay”, it would seem that they actually haven’t listened to Coldplay in the last 11 years. It’s got Marcus Mumford’s ever-emotive vocals, his trademark ‘four on the floor’ bass drum rhythm and everything else that we’ve always expected from Mumford & Sons. What more could you want? Now with 100% more electric guitar.

Agree or disagree?