TRACK OF THE DAY: Muse ‘Psycho’

Muse are returning to their heavier roots with ‘Psycho‘, with fans instantly divided on how they feel about the matter. Featuring a riff that’s so heavy, it has its own BMI rating, ‘Psycho’ marks Muse’s return to the music world.

muse-psycho-free-download-mp3Whilst we all enjoyed tracks where a stuttering robotic voice repeated the word ‘madness‘ until our ears bled, I for one instantly feel like tearing my vest off and taking a day off work tomorrow. Yes ladies, I can be pretty reckless.

Based on a riff they regularly played live, ‘Psycho’ harks back to their ‘Origin of Symmetry‘ and ‘Absolution‘ days; it immediately brings back all the nostalgia of being an awkward teen with godlike music taste. These days, I’m an awkward adult with a music blog. Is that an improvement? Probably not. ‘Psycho’ feels less like a song and more like a five minute assault that constantly slaps you for listening to anything other than Muse whilst they’ve been gone.

It’s almost as if Royal Blood shone the Bat-signal after being the only rock band at the Brit Awards and Matt Bellamy arrived in tight leather pants (to be fair, he usually is wearing tight leather pants anyway). Whilst their forthcoming seventh studio album ‘Drones‘ is more than likely to have its fair share of indulgently long piano interludes too, anyone who can fit “your ass belongs to me now” into a credible song needs to be aggressively celebrated. Bring on ‘Drones’.

Agree or disagree?