TRACK OF THE DAY: Rat Boy ‘Sign On’

Having stumbled out of Essex in a whirly haze of fag smoke and desperation with his aptly titled first EP ‘Mixtape’, Rat Boy has certainly been making a claim as the successor to Jamie T’s crown as the ragtag charmer of indie.

rat-boy-sign-on-free-downloadIt’s easy to see the comparisons: the drawling, heavy southern accent in his delivery, chirpy guitars and rapid drum beats are all there on ‘Sign On‘. But those comparisons are just half arsed toss aways that anyone could make and they simply don’t do this track justice.

The lyrical content is really what separates ‘Sign On’ with tales of failed school days: “barely at school, acting like a fool, well I could’ve done well if it had gone better” and money woes: “not rich, not poor, what you living for?”. It’s a brief whip around the feelings of someone fed up of being skint and not being able to do anything about it.

All of this is paired with a hands in the air, chant along chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. ‘Sign On’ is the voice of the disaffected youth struggling to get by, and it’s never sounded so catchy.

Agree or disagree?