TRACK OF THE DAY: Spector ‘Bad Boyfriend’

Spector’s reinvention as kings of synth pop continues with the third taster from their forthcoming second album, ‘Bad Boyfriend’.

spector-bad-boyfriend-free-download-mp3Following the trend set by previous single ‘All the Sad Young Men’, Fred MacPherson’s lyrics are downcast and gloomy as they focus on the break-up of a relationship. Yet this time, Fred turns the focus on himself musing “I’m worse than a bad boyfriend / I’m a bad artist” like he’s been awake for 3 days straight.

Despite this he remains on form, with lyrical gems such as “Baby if you think you’re lonely now/ just wait till we’re alone” over woozy guitars and handclaps. These transform into pulsating guitars and shimmering synths for a chorus designed to be screamed straight back at him during live shows. The new and improved Spector have never sounded downbeat but if that’s what it takes for them to produce tracks of this standard, let’s hope for our sake that Fred stays as a Bad Boyfriend.

Agree or disagree?