TRACK OF THE DAY: Swim Deep ‘One Great Song and I Could Change The World’

The first time I saw ambient 4-piece, Swim Deep, they were supporting once lesser-known, The 1975.

Swim Deep 'One Great Song and I Could Change The World'Roughly a year and a half later, the band have flourished into an effervescent flower patch of synths, colourful guitar riffs and a perfectly established dream-pop sound.

Saying that, after hearing this new track for the first time, it seems they are waving goodbye to their old happy-go-lucky-indie-pop sound and replacing it with something far more mature. They’ve taken one step back from indie-rock and one giant leap into the world of psychedelia.

And what’s more, they’ve been completely successful in doing so.

As the title entails, the track itself truly is great, and far more serious than their previous work. It gives the band a bit more credibility, now that we can see in the flesh that they’re really growing by the day. But even though the piece doesn’t necessarily sound as upbeat as their work prior to this, the lyrics suggest otherwise; there’s a lot of mention of ‘sunrises’ and ‘paradise’ and getting ‘lighter’, so really, they’ve kept their sunny sound bottled up in Austin Williams’ incomparable lyricism.

But obviously, I hope they don’t set fire to the synths just yet, as that 80’s dream pop sound is still just as vibrant in this piece as in any of their others, and in their aesthetic as a band (there are no limitations when it comes to just how baggy a t shirt can be according to this band – and that’s great).

So to sum up, this song is wonderful and this band are wonderful. Be prepared to buy their highly anticipated second album this coming summer – it will not disappoint, I guarantee!

Agree or disagree?