TRACK OF THE DAY: The Horrors ‘So Now You Know’

The Horrors are a special band. Special in the way that they’ve managed to repeatedly reinvent themselves over the course of their first three albums.

horrors-so-now-you-knowFrom the goth horror punk ways of ‘Strange House’ to the neo-psychedelic sounds of ‘Skying’ via shoegazing and post punk fuelled success ‘Primary Colours‘. This trend of reinvention and tweaking of their sound looks set to continue once more with fourth album ‘Luminous’.

After releasing details of the new album and lead single ‘I See You’, the band kindly treats us to the second single ‘So Now You Know’. Coming in slightly shorter than ‘I See You’, it’s still just as impressive. It opens slowly with an atmospheric crescendo before the leading dreamy-like synth line comes in, guiding you through this five-minute journey. The synths die down, making way for the horrors trademark of minimalist verse of bass and drums combo while lead singer Faris’ natural, almost otherworldly, vocals sing of loss and letting go. As the synth builds yet again into the expansive chorus, it’s hard not to be carried away by the track. The Horrors seem to have the gift of being able to pick you up and transport you somewhere distant, solemnly inhabited by disrupted synths and genius distorted guitar; making the song seem like seconds instead of minutes and leaving you hitting repeat over and over.

The 5th of May seems like a long way off, but if ‘So Now You Know’ and ‘I See You’ are anything to go by then ‘Luminous’ could be their best album yet and that’s no mean feat considering each album has been more impressive than the last. When they pull it off (not if), it wont be long until they are seen for what they are: one of the best bands of our generation.

Words by Henry Small.

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