TRACK OF THE DAY: The Vaccines ‘Dream Lover’

To be honest, at this point I’m convinced that The Vaccines could do absolutely anything. Lock them in a room and tell them you want a rap song or a Top 40 pop hit and I’m sure you’d get exactly what you asked for.

the-vaccines-dream-love-indie-music-blogTheir past two albums – 2011’s ‘What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?’ and its follow-up, ‘Come of Age’, brought us fairly different sounds. Though we’ve only had a taste of their upcoming record, ‘English Graffiti’, it’s obvious that the sound is vastly more experimental and unfamiliar. Different, but wonderful nonetheless. They still sound very much like The Vaccines.

Monday brought the release of the album’s second single, entitled ‘Dream Lover‘, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever heard from the band. It’s heavy and all-encompassing and quite hard to get away from, even if you tried. The track has a fuzzy, classic rock n’ roll sound, which is quite different from the quick, hard-hitting pop that we usually get from The Vaccines, but it’s definitely a welcome change. It’s clear that they’ve grown toward a more intense, mature sound, and it certainly seems to suit them, as well as their growing fan-base.

The Vaccines are quite good at expanding their sound while still maintaining the elements that we’ve come to associate with them as a band. In the early days, the band was obviously an indie group, and it seems that they are developing into a full-on rock outfit. From what we’ve heard thus far, the record is far more ambitious and explosive than anything they have ever created. ‘Dream Lover’ fits that description perfectly, and one could guess that the rest of the album will boast similar qualities.

‘English Graffiti’ is set to be released on May 25th in Europe and May 26th in North America, but until then, you have this glorious gem of a track to listen to. I recommend hitting the repeat button and turning the volume up as far as it can possibly go – believe me, it’s life-changing.

Agree or disagree?