TRACK OF THE DAY: The Vaccines ‘Minimal Affection’

This week brought us yet another new track from The Vaccines, and, as expected, it’s good.

the-vaccines-minimal-affection-free-download-mp3And we know by now that The Vaccines are my favourite band and that I’m probably biased. Therefore, you probably shouldn’t take my word for it, but this song is so wonderful it had me dancing around my room like a maniac and taking a longer route home just so I could spend more time in the car with the windows down and the track on full blast. This one’s a good one, folks.

I like to think that ‘Minimal Affection’ is somewhere between ‘Handsome‘ and ‘Dream Lover,’ the two songs previously premiered by The Vaccines ahead of the release of their third album, English Graffiti. Justin’s vocals are rich and full, and the song is smooth and earnest. High-pitched, well-used synth adds an extra dimension to the track, while the guitar and drum fills keep a sense of familiarity. It’s quite moody, but I like a little bit of that from The Vaccines.

‘Minimal Affection’ comments on the false sense of connection that we all feel in the age of rapidly advancing technology. It outlines our constant attachment to cell phones and social media, while criticizing the lack of real, interpersonal relationships. We all seem to believe that we’re deeply connected to one another and to the world, when none of us are actually paying attention to what’s directly in front of us. It’s important to realize. Listen to Justin Young, people.

I love ‘Handsome.’ I really, really like ‘Dream Lover.’ But ‘Minimal Affection’ is on another level entirely. The band is reaching places they’ve never explored before, and it’s working so, so well. The near-constant stream of new tracks just adds to the anticipation for English Graffiti, which is due to be released on May 25th. We don’t have too much long to wait now, and these songs are sure to keep us satisfied. Hang in there. We can do it.

Agree or disagree?