TRACK OF THE DAY: Tigercub ‘Hold On’ (Free Download)

Having signed to Blood Red Shoes‘ very own label, Jazz Life, Tigercub are relentless in their approach to music, now unvealing a demo of the charmingly brash ‘Hold On’ that’s free to download.

tigercub-hold-on-free-downloadWith humble beginnings that transpire to be more melancholic than running out of booze on a Friday night, ‘Hold On’ is a grungy assault dispersed with the types of melodies that The Pixies would envy. With a chorus heavier than your average weekly shop, this Brighton trio fortunately have the strength to carry it home with some unashamedly frantic moments and explosive percussion.

Having just finished their February tour, we’re counting down the days until festival season where we’ve no doubt that Tigercub will grace us with their presence. Until then, grab ‘Hold On’ as a free download from Soundcloud.

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