Everything you need to know about the new Vaccines album ‘English Graffiti’

Whilst The Vaccines ride the wave of their latest track ‘Handsome‘, curiosities inevitably swell as we patiently await their third album ‘English Graffiti’.

What does the album title mean? When’s it released? If Justin Young asked you to lick his elbow, would you do it? Here’s everything you need to know, my friend. Well, maybe not the last one… but in case you’re wondering: yes, I would do it.

‘English Graffiti’ will be released on the 25th of May via Columbia Records. The first track from the album, ‘Handsome‘ is currently available now.
Justin Young spoke to Spin on the album’s title:

“Well it’s all ‘English Graffiti’, and that’s what got me thinking… that we all watch the same movies and drink from the same Coke bottles and have the same cultural references, wherever you go in the world now. And we’re so connected. I’m talking to you from Mexico. But on the other hand, there is this real disconnect. Because I’m not looking out. I’m looking down. And I’m looking at what my friends are doing back in England through constructed reality.

“People don’t need to write bands letters asking them to come to their country now. They can just say “come to Brazil.” It’s so impersonal. And I think from my perspective that affects the way I love and live. And ironically I think our generation feels a greater disconnect than any before it.”

The tracklist of ‘English Graffiti’ has been unveiled as eleven tracks:

  1. Handsome
  2. Dream Lover
  3. Minimal Affection
  4. 20/20
  5. (All Afternoon) In Love
  6. Denial
  7. Want You So Bad
  8. Radio Bikini
  9. Maybe I Could Hold You
  10. Give Me A Sign
  11. Undercover

You can catch The Vaccines on their forthcoming March/April UK tour:

  • 27th March – Nottingham, Rock City
  • 28th March – Hartlepool, Borough Hall
  • 29th March – Glasgow, Old Fruit Market
  • 31st March – Scunthorpe, Baths Hall
  • 1st April – Manchester, Albert Hall
  • 3rd April – Portsmouth, Pyramids
  • 4th April – Bath, Pavilion
  • 5th April – Folkestone, The Leas Cliff Hall
  • 7th April – Norwich, UEA
  • 8th April – London, Brixton Electric

Hopefully that answered all your questions on The Vaccines forthcoming album ‘English Graffiti’. Are you going to see The Vaccines on their UK tour? Let us know on Facebook on Twitter!

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