Mini Mansions praise Alex Turner’s “sexy swagger”

Alex Turner’s effortlessly sleek vocal performance on Mini MansionsVertigo‘ is arguably the best unexpected collaboration since bacon and maple syrup. But how did the Arctic Monkeys frontman end up in this sticky situation?

mini-mansions-alex-turner-vertigo“I’ve known him for probably six or seven years. We first met doing a benefit show in LA for a friend of ours and he was doing a couple of songs with Miles for Last Shadow Puppets and I was playing with Queens.” said Shuman when speaking to Gigwise.

“Over the last year and a half, Arctic Monkeys took us out on multiple tours in the States and we just became really close. They all moved to LA a while ago and he’s just one of our drinking buddies and good friends.”

Mini Mansions are formed of Queens of the Stone Age bassist Michael Shuman along with Zach Dawes and Tyler Parkford. Apart from a stint with Miles Kane with The Last Shadow Puppets and a brief solo period, Alex Turner’s full-time occupation has always been with Arctic Monkeys.

“We thought about a couple of different things, and we were in the studio looking for some kind of different character that hadn’t yet been touched on by Tyler or my voice and we actually heard some kind of British-type thuggish kind of voice in the track, on that second verse.”

“Then a year later when we were tracking it, Alex was just coming down to the studio and hanging out. He was hanging out nearby where we were recording and he’s a good friend, he was there, it was just the right time with the right person.”

He added: “I always thought it as some kind of character out of a guy Ritchie movie, that’s how I always saw that voice coming in. It’s a very West Coast hip-hop-influenced song, so we wanted to give it that sense of different dudes coming in and giving it that different verse. Alex has more of like a sexy, swagger that what we were initially going for, which turned out better than anything we could have imagined, really.”

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